Helping the hurting is a core value and one of the key missions of Scruffy Church, and there continues to be an increase in those who have lost their homes and find themselves on the street. We believe it is our calling as a Church to help this crisis in any way we can. To that end we have partnered with MCREST (Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team). Through our partnership with MCREST, we house,feed and minister to men, women and children for one week increments throughout the year.

A common misconception is that homelessness only affects alcoholics or drug addicts, or people who are “too lazy to get a job.” This is not true. The economic and unemployment crisis both nationally and locally has resulted in families and individuals losing everything they have. And it doesn’t impact just men and women; it sadly impacts children as well.

Below is a picture of how an adorable 8 year old girl made her bed every morning during her stay with Scruffy Church. Besides her school backpack and a few changes of clothes, this was all she owned.

So, when one of our Church volunteers found out that this girl was a fan of Dora the Explorer, he immediately made this blanket for her. Scruffy volunteers consider it a blessing and an honor to be able to serve those in need.


Housing the Homeless a few times a year was a great first start for our mission, but we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to take steps to help ensure that people who get back on their feet are able to stay on them. Working with MCREST we developed our B3 program, which is designed to help our guests identify possible root causes of chronic homelessness. The goal of B3 is to allow them to make positive changes in their life for a better outcome. B3 deals with social, economical, and practical issues.
While B3 is still relatively new, we already have very encouraging statistics from MCREST.

    Approximately 78% who completed the program obtained employment and housing. Prior to these
    results, approximately 47% were employed, but did not have housing.
    Of those who did not complete the program, only 6% obtained housing prior to leaving the shelter.
    Of those who did not complete the program, only 17% reported obtaining employment prior to leaving the shelter

We have also received special permission from Dave Ramsey to teach portions of his wildly successful Financial Peace University, a nationally renowned financial planning course, at no charge. It is our hope to integrate segments on budgeting and money management to B3 as soon as possible.